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Tansterne Advanced Biomass Power Plant : Update for Local Residents

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The construction phase of the 22MW wood-powered Plant in Aldborugh is almost complete and we have now started ‘hot commissioning’.

The Plant will have two boilers and a steam turbine generator which will produce our renewable energy. The first boiler and the steam turbine generator will become operational over the coming weeks.

During this period there will be a series of “steam blows” where steam will be vented through a silencer to the atmosphere. We need to do this to make sure the pipes taking the steam to the turbine are scrupulously clean. This can result in some noise but we will aim to carry out these blows between 7am and 7pm and will minimise noise around the site whenever we can.

People may also see plumes of steam evolving from the site. This is normal while venting and it is only pure, clean steam.

Once the first boiler is fully operational, we will need to carry out similar steam blows on the second boiler a couple of months later.

We appreciate this may cause some inconvenience for local residents but assure you that this activity will be short-lived.

We are grateful for the continued support of the local community for our award winning project.

Any queries should be addressed to us at