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HRS Energy are delighted to announce the first export of power to the local grid from our award winning Biomass plant at Tansterne near Hull.
On behalf of Solar21, HRS Energy has developed and built this 22MW facility on farmland near the village of Aldbrough. Powered by Grade C waste wood which comes mainly from the local area and all from within the UK, the plant is based around a fluidised bed boiler and our patented power module which together make it the most compact and efficient clean power producing options available anywhere in the world.
This is the first of our 2-stage development on site and will provide 11MW of power initially – rising to 22MW when the second boiler is commissioned in a couple of months.


The Plant has brought valuable work to the area with more than 100 people involved in the design and construction of the plant.  HRS Energy will operate the Plant, providing c24 full time, skilled jobs.
For more information on HRS Energy technology and for details of career opportunities within our growing group of companies,  please visit our website at or contact us by email at