Our Mission:

To become the world’s leading supplier of clean energy solutions for power and heat generation through innovative designs that exceed industry expectations.

HRS is a fast expanding group of companies providing innovative energy recovery solutions to the Oil, Gas and Power industries worldwide.

We offer a full range of services, from product design and equipment supply to turnkey clean energy power systems for new installations or retrofitting to existing plants, utilising our full range of innovative, patented, heat recovery and power generation products.

We specialise in gas turbine heat recovery and in developing clean energy solutions, with specific expertise in power from difficult waste gas applications.

Who we are

HRS offshore plant equipment

Our group includes:

Heat Recovery Solutions Ltd

  • Based in London, UK, with a wealth of experience and a growing list of references utilising patented products and systems

HRS International

  • Our HRS branch in the USA, based in Houston, Texas

HRS Energy Ltd

  • Our HRS Energy company, based in London, UK, offering turnkey solutions including Build Own and Operate (BOO) for clients seeking viable clean energy solutions for power generation

HRS Energy Mexico

  • Our HRS Energy’s branch in Mexico City, dedicated to supporting the evolving new energy market to deliver innovative cost effective clean energy solutions

A network of agents work for us worldwide.

What we do

HRS equipment integrated with an existing plant

  • We offer a full range of Services including consultancy, design, development, operation & maintenance and after sales support for heat recovery and steam based power generation.
  • We supply a wide range of Products including Waste Heat and Fired products – all built to your specific needs and manufactured to the highest standards, in our modern facilities in UK.
  • We offer efficient, cost effective and unique solutions for clean energy production. We have developed innovative, patented Power Generation solutions utilising waste heat or renewable fuels.
  • HRS products and services offer real savings in the emissions of CO2. Our technology also has a small physical footprint and uses significantly less water than comparable products.

Our commitments

New HRS equipment being lifted into position

  • Sustainable Clean Energy
    HRS is committed to developing clean energy solutions for the Oil, Gas and Power industries worldwide, that are high efficiency and reduce harmful emissions. Globally, more than 20,000 gas turbines operate without heat recovery on their exhausts, wasting thousands of mega watts of electrical energy and generating millions of tonnes of CO2 emissions.Our aim is to provide viable ways of upgrading these generators to combined cycle, providing real savings for everyone.
  • Innovation
    HRS has a range of patented technologies which offer innovative solutions that provide real benefits for the industry. We aim to be at the forefront of innovative new technology that supports energy efficiency and reduced emissions and to work with partners worldwide to deliver the best results for our customers.
  • Quality
    All HRS products and systems are built to the highest standards in our modern facility in UK and are designed to international standards to ensure the highest level of quality. Our staff are experts in their fields, highly motivated, providing you with services second to none. We strive to ensure complete customer satisfaction throughout the lifecycle of our products.
  • Value
    HRS recognises the challenges energy producers and plant operators face in the current economic climate. All of our products are developed on a standardised modular concept, that have a small physical footprint, saving you land space and construction costs, providing systems that are otherwise costly to realise, with long-term viability. We also recognise our responsibility as a commercial company to ensure the communities in which we work benefit from our input.