Our Mission is to become the world’s leading supplier of clean energy solutions for power and heat generation through innovative designs that exceed industry expectations

To this end we strive to achieve Sustainability, Innovation, Quality and Value.


HRS is committed to developing clean energy solutions for the Oil, Gas and Power industries worldwide, that are high efficiency and reduce harmful emissions.

Globally, there are thousands of generators operating without any form of heat recovery, which could generate more than 100,000 mega watts of electrical energy and save millions of tonnes of CO2 emissions. Our aim is to provide viable ways of upgrading these generators to produce cleaner, more efficient power production.

All of our products are designed to be economical in space and weight, to use as little water as possible and to achieve results that drive up efficiency whilst reducing the harmful effects of power production. We carefully monitor the Carbon footprint of our technology and our practices.

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HRS, is committed to innovation through its extensive research and development programme which has resulted in many patents being granted.

From circular waste heat technology through to unique modular power systems, we have a range of patented technologies which offer innovative solutions that provide real benefits for the industry.

We aim to be at the forefront of innovative new technology that supports energy efficiency and reduced emissions and to work with partners worldwide to deliver the best results for our customers.

We recognise the challenges power providers face in the current economic and environmental climate – and we are uniquely placed to support you to meet these challenges, whether you are looking for a retro-fit solution or a new system, and whether you require a single product or a complete project management package.

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HRS is recognised for the quality of its engineers and engineering capability.

Our products and systems are built to the highest standards in our modern facility in UK and are designed to international standards to ensure the highest level of quality. We are Achilles approved and Lloyds accredited.

Our staff are experts in their fields, highly motivated, providing you with services that are second to none.

We strive to ensure complete customer satisfaction throughout the lifecycle of our products, taking care to provide after- market follow-up and to listen to and learn from the feedback we receive.


HRS recognises the challenges energy producers and plant operators face in the current economic climate. We know that many companies believe projects like conversion to combined cycle are unaffordable – HRS provide affordable solutions that are not otherwise viable.

All of our products are developed on a standardised modular concept and have a small physical footprint. This saves you land space and construction costs and allows us to provide systems that are otherwise costly to realise. Our products and systems are delivered fully assembled and ready for installation resulting in minimal plant downtime.

Above all – our technology enables you to realise cost and emission savings with long-term viability.