The combination of HRS patented Circular Steam Generators and integrated Power Modules provide power plant developers with huge benefits:

  • Lowest cost per MW
  • Smallest footprint
  • Low visual impact
  • Fastest construction time (due to standardised modular approach)
  • High fuel flexibility

Energy saving illustration

Compact biomass power plant

HRS specialise in the design and delivery of clean energy power plants which offer unbeatable value, high efficiency and low emissions.

Our power plants are designed to operate using waste heat from oil, gas, process or manufacturing – or to run on biomass fuels of varying type and size and up to 65% moisture content.   They comprise either waste heat or fluid bed boilers linked to an integrated power module which is unique in the industry.

With technology available for needs from 1MWe and a typical 20MWe power plant needing land space of only 160mx100m, we are confident that our technology offers the lowest CAPEX, smallest footprint and highest efficiency currently available.

HRS is committed to lowering emissions and enabling energy stability. Our solutions are future proof, providing clean power where it is needed, close to consumers and with minimum distribution loss and most of our solutions offer fast start-up to deal with peaks in demand. Our design is modular, arriving fully tested and ready for assembly on site so that your project can be up and running earlier, with lower investment cost and faster returns. And our unparalleled expertise and patented technology mean we can tailor all of our designs to your specific needs, working with fuel sources that many plants cannot process.

Whether you are considering a retro-fit of a traditional gas fired plant or a new build using biomass fuel, HRS has the ability to provide a power generation solution.

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