Fluid Bed Boilers

Fluid bed boiler

HRS has developed the STABB™ Fluidised Bed Combustion process for generating heat from Biomass and Waste Fuels.

The bubbling bed technology burns fuel at low temperature with staged combustion delivering hot gas up to 1400degC for drying and heat recovery applications, generating low levels of NOX and CO.

The design is particularly suitable for retrofitting to existing heat recovery equipment and also with boiler systems for generating steam for process or power production.

The unique aspect of the STABB™ technology is the ability to remove tramp material and large ash deposits from the bed while on line, allowing heavily contaminated fuels to be used without suffering bed agglomeration.

Designs are currently available up to 50 MW thermal.

Fired Heaters

Fired heater

Our Fired Heaters are designed according to your specific needs. We produce them in Radiant, Upshot Fired, Natural or Forced Draft, Cylindrical or Cabin types.

We offer convective designs – with excess air or recycled flue gas.

All our fired heaters are of ultra-low Nitrogen Oxide design


  • Up to 50MWt
  • Up to 95% efficiency
  • 5ppm NOX

Our experience in fired heater design spans 40 years with hundreds of units installed globally. Recently HRS has manufactured heaters for PEMEX in Mexico, of radiant upshot cylindrical design.

Fired Boilers

Fired boilerHigh Pressure Circular Once Through Steam Generators for SHELL Europe

HRS preferred technology for fired boilers is our radiant coil type, based on once through technology, which offers considerable benefits:

  • Compact Packaged Design
  • Competitive Cost
  • Fast Installation
  • High Pressure Capability as no Steam Drum (up to 200bar for Oil Field Injection)
  • Can be fired with any combustion system – fluid bed, grate, gas or liquid burners