Waste Heat Boilers

HRS waste heat boilers can be provided for most applications, including steam production from thermal oxidisers, sulphur combustion processes, waste incineration, gas generators and biomass combustors.

Our waste heat boilers are particularly suitable for dirty or difficult waste gas streams – thereby aiding the use of unconventional fuels to produce clean energy.

Our range is typically up to 100tph of steam at pressures up to 120barg, with superheating to 535 degC.

Our Waste Heat Boilers come in 2 main types:

Circular, helical coil, once through type

Waste heat boilerSmallest footprint, replaces stack and silencer on GT’s

Our circular Waste Heat Boilers operating in once through mode are especially useful where a lot of steam is used in the process but not returned for re-use.

Our use of economical softened water and ability to operate at extremely high pressure are real advantages in oil field steam flooding and similar applications.

Typically this type of boiler:

  • provides steam generation for power and process applications from GT’s up to 50MW.
  • operates at steam conditions up to 65bar, 510 DegC for power generation and 200bar for oil field injection.
  • can be supplied with integrated SCR and CO catalysts to ensure ultra-low NOX and CO emissions.

Drum type – natural or forced circulation

Drum waste heat boiler

This image is an example of a 65,000kg/h, 400DegC , 40barg Waste Heat Boiler, supplied for a sulphur decomposition furnace in Italy.

This type of boiler can be supplied for vertical or horizontal layout and is especially good for dirty gas applications.

Typically this type of boiler is used in process industries where the waste gas is heavily contaminated with acid gases and corrosion might be a major concern.

Waste Heat Recovery Units

Circular WHRUCircular WHRU’s ready for despatch to BG’s KNARR FPSO
Traditional WHRUTraditional WHRU’s in final assembly for SHELL Anasuria FPSO

HRS provides a competitive range of Waste Heat Recovery Unit designs (WHRUs).

These range from traditional, rectangular units with a separate exhaust gas bypass stack and heat exchanger to an integrated bypass and heat exchanger unit.

We have also developed a circular design where the silencer, bypass and heat exchanger is combined in a compact package providing the lowest weight, plot space and life cycle cost available today.

The range of circular waste heat recovery units (CWHRU) have a number of advantages over earlier circular designs with none of the disadvantages. This unique design can also be supplementary fired to produce increased heat output utilising the innovative Ring-Burn™ system.


HRS Recuperator

HRS recuperators are usually designed for dirty or difficult applications, often resulting from high temperatures (up to 1600DegC) or from flue gas contaminated with high levels of dust (as found in the glass or metals industries).

Our recuperator range of products includes, radiation cage, radiation shell and convective flue tube, depending on the gas temperature and fouling propensity.

Recuperators usually heat combustion air to make the process more efficient, however they may also be used for heating gaseous fuels such as natural gas or heating process gas such as nitrogen or oxygen. We have experience of heating these to 650DegC.