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HRS Plants and Equipment reduce CO2 emissions by hundreds of tonnes every hour

We are committed to providing innovative clean power solutions.
Our technology helps reduce the environmental impact of processing energy, enables flexible and reliable operation and reduces the cost of electricity.
The Map above shows where our main installations are located. Click on Map Icons to learn more about the area or product and its carbon credentials.

HRS stackHRS Circular Once Through Steam Generators connect straight to the gas turbine exhaust and save space – ideal for simple to combined cycle conversions where space is tight. Bypass, silencer and SCR included as required

Reduced Environmental Footprint

HRS technology can be used with heat sources generated from traditional fossil fuel or a wide range of waste and bio-fuel products.

Our technology is typically small in size, lighter-weight and able to fit where more conventional equipment cannot – making it possible to upgrade simple cycle power plants to more efficient and cleaner combined cycle. Typically our equipment improves overall efficiency by 40%, displacing a similar amount of fossil fuel

Our technology displaces CO2 emissions from traditional fossil fuel fired generation (including the most polluting coal fired generation) by up to a third and our installed products are currently enabling more than 330 tonnes of CO2 to be saved every hour.

HRS creates power without creating emissions, displacing similar amounts of generation from fuels that produce large quantities of greenhouse gases (GHGs) thereby contributing to overall GHG reduction.

Our solutions are well placed to help producers meet IED and other efficiency targets. To find out more click here.

Model of plant equipment

Lower Electricity Costs

Our unique products and power system designs enable end user power prices to be lower:

  • Our equipment is small and light-weight
  • Equipment can be installed with minimal down time, thereby reducing CAPEX costs
  • Our power systems can be operated remotely, enabling savings on operating costs
  • We reach high levels of productivity -typically delivering at least a 30% increase in operating efficiency
  • We reduce the need for more costly fossil fuel
  • Our finance models have a short pay-back period enabling profits to be realised quickly

HRS power plant

More Flexible & Reliable Power Supply

The need for flexible operating plant to ensure reliable supply of power has never been greater with fluctuating demand and the uncertainties resulting from some forms of Renewables.

HRS technology is continually evolving to ensure that it is able to respond to changing need:

  • Our installed equipment has an excellent record in terms of lifespan, maintainability and low outage time
  • Our Circular Once Through Steam Generator (COTSG) is capable of rapid steam production to full load and fast load swings.
  • Our ability to operate with a diverse range of fuels – including the most dirty and difficult fuel sources – make our systems less susceptible to supply shortages and more responsive to new opportunities

An apprentice practising welding techniquesA welding apprentice at our workshop, where we work closely with local colleges and schools

Corporate Responsibility

HRS champions quality UK manufacturing.

Through our workshops in Hull, UK we contribute to the continuation of world class manufacturing as well as to the local supply and Shipping industries. We ensure that the local community benefit by allowing young people to participate in Apprenticeship and school work placement schemes.

We aim to be a responsible employer and business – be that through Travel or Waste Reduction policies or through the continued development of our staff.

We are committed to ensuring we operate safely and with respect for the communities in which we work.